Samsung Galaxy M77 5G 2022: Price, Release Date, Specs & Review!

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G 2022 comes with 108 MP Camera, 6990mAh Battery, and 12 GB RAM. Hello smartphone lovers, today we will be sharing to you a new smartphone of Samsung. Whose name is Samsung Galaxy M77. Samsung Galaxy M77 is a budget-friendly Android phone with many features for the price. So people are waiting for Samsung’s newest phone.

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G
Samsung Galaxy M77 5G

We hope, this Samsung Galaxy handset is going to be another impressive smartphone. There is nothing much to talk about this brand as we all know it is the best among the best. Samsung has been very tight-lipped about the whole thing, and the company hasn’t released any official statements yet. In this article, we’ll try to give you some basic but essential information about this smartphone. So stay with us.

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Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Camera:

To the new phone buyer, the most important thing is the camera of the phone. We guarantee, the camera of this phone will impress you. This handset is perfect for photography enthusiasts and anyone who wants to capture stunning photos and videos. Samsung Galaxy M77 smartphone has a 108MP camera and a 64MP front-facing camera. The handset also has a wide-angle lens and stabilization technology, which makes it perfect for capturing candid shots. This phone also has Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash.

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Battery:

Samsung Galaxy M77 Battery, a powerful and sleek smartphone that packs a heavy 6800mAh battery. With fast charging capability, you can quickly and easily charge your phone. You won’t need to charge again for at least 40 hours after charging once. The company touts the Galaxy M77 as a “gaming phone” and says that the device’s battery will last for up to two days on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Design:

Samsung Galaxy M77 smartphone is a smooth and curvy device that features a metallic and glass body. The smartphone has a 6-inch display with a curved edge that makes it look more like a piece of sculpture than a smartphone. This handset comes in different colors to look more beautiful, available in black, silver, and gold. This device also used Always-on display in the display section, which is very useful for an active user.

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G RAM & ROM:

The upcoming Samsung Phone will have 10/12GB RAM and two storage options: 256GB and 512GB ROM. The Samsung Galaxy M77 is one of the latest versions of Android 12 available on the device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 chipset. This phone also had Fingerprint, Face ID, proximity, accelerometer, gyro, compass, and barometer support. Some of these include improved security, faster performance, and more efficient battery use. In this device, you will get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, and more technology are available in this model smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price & Release Date:

Samsung Galaxy M77 smartphone will be released in 2022 Although no information has been published yet. According to our sources, the Samsung Galaxy M77 will be released in September 2022.

We do not have any information about the price of the Samsung Galaxy M77 5G 2022. But hopefully, it will probably be more expensive than the price of a normal phone, considering its desirability. For the Price of Samsung Galaxy M77 We estimate that it will be around $750.

Country Price (Expected)
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in India 56640 INR
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in USA 750 $
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in Euro 682 EUR
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in Pakistan 138309 PKR
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in Mexico 14822 MXN
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in Russia 63300 RUB
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in Nigeria 311625 NGR
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in UAE 2754 AED
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in Singapore 1018 SGD
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in  Australia 998 AUD
Ø  Samsung Galaxy M77 5G Price in  Canada 936 CAD

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